Miniatures Review 1

20 08 2010

Hi dudes! I’m back from my travel across the Pays Bas and it’s time to work again… we’ve a new section: Miniatures Review! In that new section I’ll write reviews about miniatures (the news and the oldest); this reviews will be objectives. All of us had bought miniatures and when we opened the box we found and awful sculpt or and amazing presentation… well, that’s the section purpose. And now… the first one!

Name: Nokjagerin, 54mm

Company: Pegaso Models, in their fantasy range Gehenna. Ref GE1-007

Offcial Price: 30€

Eighth miniature from Gehenna range. The miniature represents a female warrior that looks like a Eastern Europe woman. She seems to have defeat a giant. The figure comes in a 13x9x5 cm rigid box. In its front side we can see the principal view from the Box Art and three other views in its lateral sides. Also we can read the sculptor’s name; Andrea Jula, but curiosly the painter’s name isn’t available (Francesco Farabi).

Inside we found a protective sponge and under we can see the principal pieces of the miniature (9 in total) over another sponge. The smallest pieces  become into a plastic bag.  Under the second sponge we find the scenic base.

The miniature come in a white metal alloy with very imperceptible cast lines but a little bit dirty from the cast process. Some cast lines cross sensitive areas, like the boots and its erase could be a little be dificult. In a first impression the fit looks perfect, although a little bit of stuff will be necessary to close some lines.

My personal opinion: a great presentation, sculpt and cast.




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