Space Wolf WIP 8

12 10 2010

A little bit more about the base. We must remembered that in this time as I did in the Capricorn’s base, Im going to try to do that gaming base and wooden base will be one.

First I painted the rocs and the cave trying to simulate an ice cave, using this picture from the National Geograophic Society as reference. I used White, Black, Turquoise, Iced Blue and Vallejo’s Metallic Medium; that last is very important to get the iced effect IMO. Then I used artificial snow mixed with glue to make the snowed floor.

Then was the icicles time! For that I did the same like in the Capricorn’s base. I used fishing thread and Vallejo’s Water Effects. You just have to cut and glue the thread were you wnat (up, down or both sides) and with an old brush you “paint” the thread with the WE (that looks like withe glue). You must to apply it in several coats, always waiting that the previous one was dry and transparent, before apply the next. In the picture you can see some threads, with the WE applied, and without it.




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