Italian GD 2010

19 10 2010

We’re back! And We’ve back so happy about two reasons: the great fellow travelers and the Legio Pictorum reception moreover the awards that we’d brought back! The Legio had felt us like in home, Alessandro, Andrea, Tomazsus, Matteo, Marco, Simona… thanks mates! Your’re great!! And special thanks to Francesco and Stefano, you’re the best! I hope to see you all soon!!


Cris, Mú, Francesco, Arsies, me and Fstar


About the painting contest, the Slayersword was Luciano Rossetto, with his amazing warrior of Khorne in Juggernaut, with a lot of freehands (208 skulls!!!)


Luciano Rossetto's Slayersword


Also was amazing to see some works like 80mm Rusto‘s harlequin, the duel sculpted and painted by Mariano Numitone and the Matteo Murelli‘s Ogryn Rat.

About us, we won the next: Arsies, gold in 40k’s single and three finalist. Fstar (aka Fran or Francesco Cosi in Italy) bronze in LOTR. And for me, silver in 40k’s single, silver in 40k’s monster and finalist in fantasy monster. So, we’re very happy!



With Dan Abnett


You can view my Golden Demon’s album clicking in the logo!!




2 responses

20 10 2010

hey iguazzu ahahaha!!!
great our photos ahahaha
thank you for your word about us and remember that for us was a great pleasure to make you have a good time here!
see you as soon as possible amigo!
Muchas Gratias!!!

Francesco “Franciuus” Farabi

20 10 2010

Amigo! What a surprise to read you here!! hahaha. Thanks for your words and I hope to see you soon!

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