Help for Marta

17 11 2010

Today we are not going to dedicate this post to the minis, or painting, or anything related to the hobby … today I will put that I think will be the most important post that publish on my blog. So I ask, only a couple of minutes to read to the end of this post.

As many of you know, I’m working in a Special Education school in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain) as a teacher. It is work that I personally love, but occasionally we have to go through times that are nothing nice.

This is the case of Marta, his congenital encephalopathy and the final diagnosis at all unfavorable. To not go I’ll leave you the message has left Ludi, one of my friends that is what is the lead in helping this child:

My name is Ludi and I’m working as a teacher in the Mercedes Carbo’s Special Education school. It’s been a couple of years came into our school Marta, a beautiful girl is now 6 years old. The medical diagnosis is congenital encephalopathy and secondary epilepsy, resulting in mental retardation, motor retardation, language delay and continuous epileptic seizures and when I say constant I mean several times a day which will cause a significant neuronal damage and danger involved in falling to the ground of such crisis, because there is nothing to anticipate such crises, it makes a girl Marta is completely dependent adult. Marta was born into a poor family but a fighter and hardworking, but has 4 brothers, one of them also a student of our Center. The parents have moved heaven and earth to help her daughter, Cadiz, Sevilla, Barcelona, but nothing, not give them any hope or treatment that might alleviate at least the crisis. But a window has opened. This window is called Germany, there he is carrying out a treatment using stem cells from the patient and that window costs 9,000 euros. To this we add q travel expenses and q will stay there about one week.

I guess you know what I want … … yes we need money. I know we are in time of crisis and holiday spending, but ask a simple contribution, 5, 10 euros, which is, among all of us can be much. It also allowed any proposals to raise money, as well as newspapers to help spread the word, to copy shops to make posters … … .. What you can think of.
If you want more information I leave my mobile number 669501726 as well as the account number that was created in Unicaja, 2103 4046 20 0040015472.
I know I have your help, I falleis. My best wishes.

The message we are trying to make it go as far as we can.

Unfortunately we are accustomed to seeing a misuse of such calls for help, people trying to cheat or make a profit from the goodwill of the people … and when it is really a case that requires our attention, ruling it directly. But I assure you that this case is real and live with the Monday through Friday, although not one of my students.

If anyone is interested in collaborating, to contact me to publish the IBAN for international bank transfers and the Paypal account enabled for this cause.

And here what I wanted, attention and a couple of minutes. Now everyone, if you can help in any way possible, even posting this is the social nets, I personally appreciate.

This is Marta.




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