Help for Marta’s proyect

28 11 2010

Today I write to share with you what I consider a very interesting project and especially important. The  Solidarity Miniature’s proyect, created from several ideas emerged between users of the Spanish Team forum. A project whose purpose is to help raise as much as possible to help Martha, the girl I spoke to a few weeks ago.

A blog created to collect those contributions from our hobby, so that they are all collected and delivered as a single donation of a large community. But it also has the added attraction that a group of artists have donated three figures will be drawn among all users who make a contribution of 10 € or more.

These artists are Jose Palomares (JMPN), Diego Esteban (Dieguete), Javier González (Arsies), Fran Gil (Fstar), Antonio Fdez (Piqui) and myself (Iguazzu). And the figures are two commercials (one of fantasy and a historical character) and an original bust modeling for the occasion. Dieguete JMPN and take charge of the historical figure, and Fstar Piqui comply with the bust and Arsi and I will deal with the fantasy figure.

I think it’s a great opportunity to get an exclusive figure for the  private collection at a price that would otherwise be unthinkable … but most important of all is that you can bring your little bit to help Martha.

Please do not forget to Marta!

click in the image to access




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