New acquisition

5 01 2011

In the first entry in the new year would show you two of my new acquisitions. These are two unique figures … but before I’m going to explain you.

At most of you, if you hear the name of Pedro Fernandez do not sound like much … but if I say that he’s the sculptor of figures as The Violinist of Nocturna, Primus Death from Enigma or the miniatures range from Sphere Wars, you probably already know of whom I speak.

The fact is that Pedro, among other brands, also sculpts for Infinity. If you look in their catalog, you will see that there are many references theirs. Well, he was commissioned to sculpt  four figures for the Ariadne’s army, I refer specifically to four Metros, and Pedro accepted the job. These are two of these figures, currently Infinity references  and painted by Angel Giraldez.

And what was his surprise when, already finished the figures, they are rejected and asked to return to re-sculpt! And this? It turns out that Pedro had spent a bit of size relative to the rest of the line of figures. So he remade them almost the same, were accepted and appeared in the catalog of Infinity … but Pedro stayed with the first four figures.

And now, months later, two of these figures are in my hands! These two sculptures are unique to the world. A genuine collector’s items for which I am the lucky owner!!

Noted that, for the guy, Pedro was directly inspired by the character of Vin Diesel in Babylon AD movie.

A treasure for my private collection!!




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