“The waiting” WIP1

15 01 2011

New year, new miniature! And I begin this 2011 with a new commission work  that promises to be interesting.

This is the Andrea‘s reference  “Alonso de Contreras. 1620’s” 54mm. A figure not much popular in my circle of friends, but  it has a special charm for me… may be because it is the fourth swordsman’m going to paint!

I am especially happy with the scene, because it was my idea, and although Piqui help  me (thanks dude!) leaving the structure almost done, I had to finish and refine the details myself, which for me is progress in the scenes and bases! Hahahaha! Still lack the detail of the spout of water in the road, which will later. In addition, the cloak is supported on the ground, but it is a few millimeters high, so once painted and fitted all I have to stuff the area to fix that effect.

Regarding the figure, what is being normal in Andrea, you find a figure that is more beautiful in hand than in the box art pictures … but that’s another story …A decent fit and few lines . A bit difficult to fit the hand holding the sword.

Now try to find an effect of something interesting and drama to the scene, and this will affect the placement of lights and shadows, still do not know how to put them. If someone thinks let me know!




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