Mom, I don’t wanna be an artist

28 02 2011

After many hours with my next job I have decided to take  a break…I nearly broke my back and was getting a bit tired. So I take this opportunity to write about something I have been rummaging last few weeks….

I’ve been in this “hobby” for 11 years, and although I could say I’ve seen everything, still something surprised me…. so better not say!.

But would like to emphasize the use of the word “hobby”. As for today this is MY HOBBY. This could be obvious but the truth is that along the way sometime in these eleven years it did lost this character…but to understand what I am talking about I think a little history is required

All commenced one day, when by one way or another, you get curious about those little figures that you build and paint. They are like the traditional models but they represent characters that catch your attention, and you think: how do I do this? So you buy a box of figures, some paints (the brighter the better)  and a thick brush and go home.  This could end two ways you get bored and leave these figures to the freaks or you love it and this become your “hobby”

The next steps are quite well known by all, specially all of us whom have catch the “internet boom”. You build and paint your first figure and think that you are good. Do the next one and is better, so you keep going. Compare your work with that of others and note that there are loads of things to learn. With enthusiasm you learn and practices, you advance and go back…sharing, meeting, talking…..because this “hobby” that you like is the hobby of many others, and so you enjoy it  more.

It is like that for a while and then the whole thing flippes…Things become complicated. The competitions and meetings become an obsession. Friends become foe to overcome. You get new friends and loose old ones. You could get overbearing. The new concepts are not enough because there is always something or someone that tells you that you could do better as “this is very serious” and that if you don’t “take it seriously” you are nothing within this “world”, you are not innovator, don’t have style or yours is not good enough. So is work, work, work….. be famous is not easy!!! Do you want to be someone…Work hard!!! Copy others, or not, set innovations or reinvent that already invented.

The limelight traps you and you get dreams of fame and glory, money and more fame you have to build a name in this little world. BECAUSE THIS IS AN ART!!!!

And one day at your table with your paints (more than 12!!) you note something different, something is wrong. Something has changed but everything looks normal…but everything is different. Now you have to be at the table, have to build and paint the models, work harder to make something spectacular…..but really don’t know why. And try to remember the last time that you enjoy a  little time painting, but can’t remember because this is not your “hobby” anymore.

According to the oxford dictionary, hobby is: an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure But this is not what you do as stop being so long ago….

And one more time you have two alternatives…continue with this false dream and be and artist  or to return to that that is no more.

And now here I am. I got lost among those false prophets and let myself go but the truth  is that when needed to take stock I choose to return to my roots, to paint little figures because I can relax, I enjoy it and allows me to think and  evade

If to be an artist means that you have to do this and that, I don’t want to be one. I prefer to be an average painter,  with figures that tell a tale or not…..because I don’t care. I build and paint figures for myself, for my friends and if need for someone whom would mind not pay for them, but always and only because this is my “hobby”

And because I know about this little world I would like to point out that this is not a direct critique to no one in particular. Not that should I have said so because…”this theater is my home and in my home I ‘m the boss”

If you being reading until now I only can say THANKS

I would like to give special thanks to Mario mbd Delgado, for translate all that words to english. Without your help this entry couldn’t be possible!!















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