“The waiting” WIP4

11 03 2011

Hi dudes! I’m back with that old WIP. I was bussied for a few months with the moving and painting two new miniatures (the Skaven that you know and another one). But I’m here again with that guy!

Ok, you must to review the last WIP’s post to remember ūüėČ

Well, the miniature, except the sword, is finished including the black robe, wich isn’t show in the pictures cos’ I think that the rear view of the scene doesn’t look too much to show.

I’d finished the miniature in the same brownish tones and using, as in the rest of the work, a violet-red colour for tones.

Placed it in the base to see the general view, but now I need to remove it to paint the wall. I’ll try to do it with the airbrush first and finish with oils… we’ll see!!

The last¬†picture¬†is¬†a very exciting ¬†view that,¬†if he had¬†seen before would have been ¬†the¬†main¬†view of the scene …¬†but¬†I¬†passed¬†and¬†it is too late¬†to¬†change it




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