Miniatures Review 2

16 03 2011

Name: La Hire, Battle of Patay 1429. 1/10 bust

Company: Young Miniaturesref: YH1816

Price: 57-63€

1/10 scale resin bust for the historical line from Young Miniatures, sculpted and painted by the korean Ju Won Jung. The bust represents Étienne de Vignolles, aka La Hire; and comes in a hard cardboard box with external adhesives where we can see the product and brand, and a good picture of the box-art.

Opening the box, the first thing we can find is a card from the Jack of hearts, which is normally associated with this character in the French deck. Then, the corresponding protective layers of foam.

The bust have 10 pieces plus three grouping matrices skewers the breastplate of La Hire. All in a slightly yellow resin, but devoid of smell. It is also very noticeable that we don’t find a line of mold and even more surprising, a small defect in the resin,such as pores or a bubble. You could say that the copy is flawless, except as hugedrinker, although they are easy to remove, must have patience if we are to be repaired with putty. Report also included a small pedestal to raise the bust on the pedestal.

The fit parts are perfect and no problems of gaps or mismatches, which is something we can not assume all brands.

In my opinion, an incredible bust, with amazing detailed quality casting. The only “thing”, perhaps, is its price slightly higher than the rest of Young’s busts.

Rating quality/prize: 9




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