“La Hire, Battle of Patay”

4 04 2011

Last week I finished a new work. The truth is that I hadn’t intention to paint it when I took it from the box to make thereview  which you could read a few days ago. However, while I had it  in my hands to write the post, I started thinking that maybe wan’t a bad idea to mess with it. Also, I saw a couple of things I liked to try and this bust was perfect to do it. So I thought; why not?

The good part of Young’s busts  is that they painted mainly alone. This is the second bust of the Korean brand that I’d  paint, certainly not going to be the last.

I wanted to try two things: paint everything with oils and try to make a different skin type I’m used to.

The first point I couldn’t carry it out, because I was looking for a battle damage metal that I thought the model needs, but I just got a super smooth and new metal … so I had to undo it and start again with acrylics, but finally got some oils for washes and effects. But the full metal work is with acrylic.

I’m happy with the second point. I think I made a tiny step forward in the use of color and the use of oil, but I still have many hours of practice. For if anyone would be helpful, this week I’ll post  a tutorial about I painted face, and used the oil, and wich colors. There won’t be a “how to” but a “how I did it“, which can serve as someone to test this medium,

Well, here’s the bust and the CMON links:




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