Dirty painter

19 04 2011

A while now I observe a trend in painting here in Spain. It’s a trend that can be seen in forums, websites, CMON comments, etc … and when I say that’s introduced in our country is because I’m not the only one the see it, it’s something that is discussed in other countries regarding the “Spanish style “.

This is a topic that I’ve seen discussed recently about two winners in an international competition and is a topic that the Monkeys have been discussed more than once and never come to an agreement. So I had the idea that I would write my opinion here and refer the question to you, because I think it’s an interesting topic to think in.

The question at issue is why, more generally, will reach the “absolute truth” that a “clean miniature” is better painted than a “dirty miniature“?. And when we talk about a clean figure, we refer to a figure where there aren’t brush marks, everything is ultra smooth and the character looks pleasant and airy. Figures like this one, winner of Crystal Brush, by Marike Reimer, to give a clear example of what I mean by clean figure.

Spanish painters tends to this painting style, but which I think is really serious is that hey try to impose as an absolute truth, as the only way in this painting hobby. There isn’t a forum post about a painted miniature that I not read sentences like: “It need a little cleaning” or “just smoth a little bit more.” It turns out that everything has to be super ultra soft cast, in order to be considered well done …

Well I’m sorry, but I’m disagree. For me this extream cleaning that is predicated just make the most national figures I see are a copy each other. It will end up becoming a hallmark style like Osborne’s bull … Apart from that, to me personally, that style transmit me not much.

I prefer a painting that is not as smooth (or worse technically, according to experts … that’s another story we will see later) but forward has more strength for me, intensity and realism. And I’m not trumpeting that this is the only true painting! Not even attempt to impose it is the right way to do it, quite the opposite to what happens with the clean side of the Model

In the last debate between the Monkeys, someone said that, in a contest, with a clean figure, showing the jury your technical knowledge … and I wonder, why is considered a technically correct against a clean paint with brush marks? Who has determined that it is right? Because someone should have told, for example, the Impressionist painters, because they were doing it all wrong!

So that is the question to debate. And my opinion … because I’m staying with painters such as Ruina, Alex Cortina, Rusto, Jarhead, and Sang-Eon Lee, among others, that may not be the culmination of the cleaning .

So, I’m a dirty painter!




One response

1 05 2011

intresting argoument,i don’t think is it possible to find an absolute thrut behind this
My opinion is that it should be separate when the “dirty” painting is a product of a long research of expression or,by other hand,the result of leak of precision in transition smothes or whatever… but i0m totaly agree with you that taking a blind straight position against it or to any other different style of painting will only reduce our artwork in a mere exercize

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