Déjà Vu, wip1

5 06 2011

Strange title for this new entry, right? But I think that it’s the better one, why? Continue reading…

Between one GD miniatures and other, I new to finish some commissions. And that makes that time going out for me!! But, fortunately, I’ve finish one of my GD entries (I need to finish, one or two more) and that gives me a fresh breathe!!

And now I’m working in one commission before begin a new entrie. And this commission… sound familiar to you? Yes! The Last One, that won the silver Demon in Italy 2010… or may be this is his twin bro!! hahaha

Customer wants a clon from The Last One, but with a little chances like the stripes in the fists.

Armour was painted with French Mirage Blue as base. Highlights with Ice Yellow and Space Wolves Grey. For shadows just add Dark Sea Blue. And if anybody has questions, feel free to ask!!




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11 06 2011

Hi there! First comment on your Blog, but I’ve been ghosting around for a while. Your SW models are exquisite and were one of my main inspirations to start a SW army! I like the grey you paint on them, not too baby-blue nor too Dark. The yellow and black stripes adds alot of character to the model too! Could you explain how you painted this great yellow?

In my opinion, this iteration of the model will be even better than the first. Lucky customer!

Keep up with your amazing work!


11 06 2011

Aaah! So you’re one of my “ghost english readers”!! hahaha. Nice to meet you JP and thank for reading and your words about my work!!

About your question, to paint this yellow I used a Snakebite base and Golden Yellow + Snakebite as second base. Then highlights with Flat Yellow and Ice Yellow. For shadows I washed with a mix of Snakebite + Violet Red and a bit of black (just a bit) I hope that helps you, anyway, if you’ve other questions (or new questions about the yellow) , feel free to ask again!


17 06 2011

I’ts the greatest SW I ever seen…It would be great inspiration for mine wolves. Could You tell me did You use airbrush to paint this mini and how you paint the face? What brand of paints did You use (vallejo, citadel, p3, otherr?)? sorry for my english:)

17 06 2011

Hello rks0!! Thanks for read and write!

I didn’t use airbrush for this mini, just brushes! I ussually use Vallejo model color and some GW paints. About the face, I’m not sure 100% cos’ I used a lot of colours, but I used as base a mix of Beige brown + Sunny skintone and a little bit of Violet Red. For lights I think that used Basic Skintone and space wolves grey. I hope that it helps to you! And don’t worry about your english, cos’ mine it’s worst!! hahahaha. If i can help you with anything else, let me know!


17 06 2011

One more thing, Where did You get this head? I dont think I see head like that in normally space wolves box…
Thanks for answers.

17 06 2011

It’s from space wolves term box. But I removed the hair and sculpted the beard 🙂

18 06 2011

One more question, what primer did You use (what brand and what color)? Sorry for being annoing but I’m going to paint my terminators and i’m doing all that preparatins, colecting ideas etc.;)

18 06 2011

No problem! I used GW black primer in spray 😉

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