The last one 2.0

23 06 2011

I’d finished the new Space Wolf. Really I’ finished a few weeks ago, but I was very busy working in my GD entries. Here’re the pictures and the CMON link if you want to vote or comment it:

In other way, now I can tell you in what categories I’ll participate in the next Spanish Golden Demon: Large scale, WH fantasy single miniature, WH 40k single miniature (that entry will be very funny) and, If I’ve enough time, WH 40k vehicle, with and old proyect that I began 5 years ago.

Also, I bring you a new tutorial. This is a basic tutorial wich you can learn how to paint, simply and easy, a stone base. There’re many advanced tutorials in the net, but just a few basic tutorials. I think that this kind of tutorial are important cos’ many people can find them interesting. Beginers, or just gamers that want a nice army to play.

Basic Painting: A stone base




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23 06 2011

Una figura muy chula Ale! Y el tutorial para hacer roca imprescindible! Descargado queda!

Un Saludo!

23 06 2011

Gracias tio! 🙂

13 08 2011

Hi i came across this through a piece of artwork someone had done from this and it’s by far the best SW i’ve ever seen. My question is this which paints/primer should i use to get a similar darker grey effect as I’ve never liked the blueish paint scheme. One last thing how did you acheive such a good scratched/chipped look?

Ps. I haven’t painted in a long time and only have access to GW paints.


14 08 2011

Hi Jay!

Thanks for read!

I used black primer. Armour was painted with French Mirage Blue (Vallejo Model Color) as base. Highlights with Ice Yellow (VMC) and Space Wolves Grey (GW). For shadows just add Dark Sea Blue (VMC) and Black.

The scratches is just to take your time and a little bit of freehand. No more secrets!

I you haven’t paint in a long time, it could be a good moment to renew your paints 😉


14 08 2011

I haven’t actually got any paints yet but where i live i only have access to Games Workshop stuff. So wondered if there was a similar colour they do to the VMC French Mirage Blue & Ice Yellow?


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