Spanish Golden Demon 2011

6 07 2011

I’m finally home! And so, after the GD, I’ve gone a few days off to relax. So I left all this a little stand.

But I’m back and I bring what has been for me the GD 2011 in Madrid. But also stay tuned to the Cursed Monkeys’ page, where we will be updating with other more exclusive content that you can’t enjoy here.

To begin, I think this was the edition with the highest level for many years. And you’ve just to take a look around for other forums or pages to verify that I am not the only one who thinks so.

About the awards, I think it also has been a success for the Cursed Monkeys, cos’ we’d won 11 awards (7 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze and a special Forge World award). For my part, I got two golds in Individual Fantasy (in tandem with Hugo Gomez as a sculptor) and the 40k vehicle.

The sword has been another year in a row and deservedly, to Ruben Martinez, with a stunning duel between a giant and a griffin. This guy is a crack  and an incredible artist!

It has also been an issue with some legal controversy … but would be a GD without a little controversy? But I will speak later in another entry about this.

But above all, has been a journey and a “vacation” with my best friends and seen, once again, all those people who only see from year to year in each contest.

I leave you some of the pictures I made. You can click on the pictures to a bigger view

Last touches

Family picture




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