Eastern Promises. Kislev renegade

7 07 2011

This is the first of four entries submitted in the spanish GD 2011 and my favorite. And it’s for several reasons.

First, this sculpted entirely from scratch, no copies, no previous molds or a future commercial version. It’s unique and original. It’s about 80 mm and has been sculpted with Super Sculpey by my friend Piqui. Regarding modeling, little more I can comment. Piqui will post the corresponding article on the Monkeys’ site and if you have any questions, you can ask him directly.

The second reason, is because I painted with oils entirely (except metals) and I’m very happy with the result. It was quite an experience to paint an entire figure with a non-acriclycs paints.

And another reason is all the meaning that is implicit in the figure. The first thing I asked when Piqui give me the figure was if he had in mind a color scheme or something that tells me where to shoot. His answer was that he did not want to know anything about this issue, leaving it in my hands. So I began to shuffle various options and issues … but I ended up with an idea that haunted me for a long head.

The story of this character is that simple yet complex. It represents a kislev soldier who, for some criminal reason, was imprisoned in a prison in the cold steppes of Kislev, where he spent many years feeding their hatred of law and empire. When he left prison he did it as a renegade who had embraced the Chaos. And this story can be read on his skin, through the meager prison tattoos.

So the symbolism of Russians tattoos is the base of all the figure. And so, all tattoos have meaning and why. As documentation, I searched for several websites and especially the movie “Eastern Promises.” All tattoos have their reason , well the history of the figure, either for personal reasons. Below I will explain some, others I keep for my me and mine 😉

And that’s all! I leave the photos and take attention to the Monkeys’ website where you can see an extra that is not available here!

CMON links: http://www.coolminiornot.com/282593 y http://www.coolminiornot.com/282603

According the Holy Bible, Cain was the “first marked” for his sin. Here’s his name with the Imperial Skull

"Пусть будет сном что пережито мною" that means, "Let all I have lived be as if it were a dream"

Eight-point star are only allowed for thieves in law, the alfa dogs of underworld.

ZOLOTO; means "gold" at same time that's an acronym "Zapomni, Odnazhdi Liudi Ostaviat Tebia Odnogo" "Remember, one day people will leave you alone"

The spider walking up means that he never leave the crime live. In the abdomen is the Empire Cross

"CEbEP" or "North", dreams of freedom

The Imperial Cross and the leyend "For Sigmar, for the Empire". Remember from his old soldiers live

The spiderweb means an addiction

The sunset means desire of freedom. The rings are reminders of his murders

Other tattoos more evident as the cathedral domes indicate years of sentence in prison. The woman with the skull indicates that the character was born already in prison or who from birth was destined to end there.




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