31 08 2011

I’m not going to talk about miniatures, or contests, or paint, or paint brushes … Today I just want to thank someone.

And to put up with a freak is not an easy task. And even less if the other person does not have the freak gene!

It’s necessary understanding to understand that although that person does not make sense of what you do, know that for you have it. What is important to you and support you and encourage you.

Patience to hold contests that do not interest him, but is so happy as yourself  when you give a prize, because he knows that it is important to you.

Enduring the bad moods, hours sitting at the table without speaking to her or when you’re thinking about your stuff freaks when you should have your head somewhere else.

Showing interest in what you do even if you have no idea what’s going on.

Enduring hours of talks nonsense in a dinner for freaks about miniatures without putting pouting.

And that someone can have that kind of patience with a freak can only mean that you have given a very special person. A person who loves you.

And I have the luck to have found the person that holds me, supports me, understands me and encourages me. So this post is for you, my patatina!

Thanks for being there!




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