WIP Albanian Chieftain

9 09 2011
These days I’m working on a miniature to my private collection. An Albanian Chieftain early 19th century. By Romeo Models’ brand and a size of 54mm.

With this figure expected to begin a large collection of oriental cut figures tinged with Arabs. It’s a subject that fascinates me and eventually I would have a good collection of them.

With this figure I’m enjoying, although the theme of the embroidery is something that even I find it hard to control. In particular the symmetry. But it is an inducement on which I have to work.

The part that I like are the sleeves, although it has a little glossy and not very well in photos. But I think I got a good velvety effect.

I leave also the base color I used for yellow, since it is a color that can be complicated at times, and could help to someone.

From the base I used Snakebite Leather and Japan Uniform. To which I add  Golden Brown at first, to keep you going for yellow. And for lights I just come up with Flat Yellow, Ice Yellow and Light Flesh. All this colours contains white so the yellow is desaturated in the lights, so to get a good contrast it’s important to try to saturate the midtone and shadows. To this end, add to the base Violet Red, in amounts increasing as I go considering. To the final shadows just  adding black to the mix and giving in certain folds to give the feeling of tension.

This is the work described in general terms. Then you have the hard work, outlines, midtones… But I think that explanation is fine to begin with, it already to go to practice.

I leave the photos as the work goes. As always, criticism, advice and opinions of all kinds are welcome!




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