24 10 2011

As in my last post, today I bring you a new box art from Kabuki Models.

This is Ky-Ra’, sculpted by Juan Navarro Perez in 54mm, and directly inspired by Boris Vallejo and Frazetta’s girls. With an exaggerated musculature while wild and sensual look. That piece is divided in five parts, plus a small scenic base. And it’s almost clean of mold lines or bubbles. As occurred with the Steamborg, the copy quality is really good.

The color scheme, like the character design, is based on Aurelio Lecis’ art work. Although in this case, they wanted more tanned skin than the illustration.

Aurelio Lecis art work

 The work of the skin is done with the airbrush by 90% and due to my lack of skill with this tool, I had to repeat the process on four occasions.

I used as base of the skin a Brown Sand mixed with a little Red Leather, which was shining with Sunny Skintone, Basic Skintone and some Light Flesh. Also I used glazes for the shadows of a dark reddish brown, almost staining the areas more than paint them. For medium tones I used Snakebite Leather and Red Leather as a glaze.

The work in the metallic parts was as usual,  starting from a very dark tone and following shades and tones, ending with the lights and effects.

Anyway, I hope you like it. And any criticism, question or comment is welcome.




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