Miniatures Review 3

29 10 2011

Name: Magneto. 70mm

Company: Knight Models. Marvel Universe line

Price: 50€

The figure comes in resin and metal, contrary to what is announced on the website of the brand. We assume that is a minor typo. Sculpted by Jerome Renaud (?) and with a size of 70mm.

The presentation of the case, as usual in Knight Models, is magnificent. In a small metal box embossed and whose bottom we can see the box art of the figure includes. Once inside, perfectly placed, find the small plastic exposition base and a character card that offers a small biography and Limited Edition number (# 210 in my box). And of course, the figure.




As I said earlier, the figure comes in resin (cloak, torso and leg) and metal. There are eight pieces, including the scenic terrain. Apart brings eight small pieces of metal to decorate the ground. As a curiosity should be noted the details of including two heads, one with and one without helmet.

The metal detail is quite good and can not be seen mold lines. Although in the helmet can see a small defect there would be repaired with putty.



Can not say the same of the resin, which has mold lines rather more obvious and in very difficultaccess areas for disposal. Even on a site I found a light step and some bubble. It also presents alook rough and dirty. Clean lines and debris from the robe will be a very tedious job.






Regarding the assembly, has some degree of difficulty due to the right arm of the figure, whichmust fit into two different parts simultaneously. Also, assembling the pre-shows we can see that would be necessary to repair some parts with putty once painted and mounted. Aside from that, the rest is fairly straightforward, although it seems recomended to separate torso and cloak to paint them.


in my opinion, a great miniature, but its casting isn’t enough good for the cuality that should be, at last in this case.

Rating quality/price: 8




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