Monte San Savino Show 2011

15 11 2011

I’m back from San Savino, where I bring a good feeling for several reasons.

Over all my years in this hobby, I have attended many national and international competitions, so I’m in a position to compare with other. And I can say without any doubt that for me this event is currently the highest level in the relationship of quantity and quality of pieces offered. A level of difficulty, that frankly, I didn’t expect.

But start at the beginning.

The event takes place in Monte San Savino, a beautiful little town of Italy, who arrived by car from Rome, which is about two hours drive. Surprised to check not only the hospitality of the local people but as they turn to their own competition, to promote and be part of it. The exhibition hallsare located in a small house museum that preserves the medieval spirit of the town.

I don’t know the number of pieces submitted, but it was really high. With Italian and international artists. But the really amazing was the level that you could see is the display tables. Both historical and fantasy had unquestionable quality of work. And this level was seen in the awards ceremony, where great masters reached with effort a silver medal and the number of golden medals was really low. This, at least for me, another example of the great difficulty of the competition.

The Best of Show went to the hands of the Zapatero Guardini/Gustavo Gil’s tandem, and with which I totally agree. With a magnificent historical display that breaks with traditional Napoleonic scenes.

The shopping area had few stands and missed some brands, but it compensates by offering visitors interesting offers about  the regular prices, which is usually not normal … although it should.

Regarding the people, what can I say? Legio’s family once again turned to us to make us feel at home. Even more and more I feel a little part of them. Stefano, Max, Andrea, Luca, Fabio, Raffa …. you know who you are, so do not engage to all, but I want to thank you. And of course I can not forget the great man band, our Italian bro … Fra! I hope all you had the opportunity to be with this person at least once, to see what it’s to be great indeed!

And I can’t leave our new friends, Sebastian, Roman and Raffa. Great painters and better people (I hope to see you soon again and that you will continue to revolutionize this hobby world as you are doing so far)

And of course, my monkeys Piqui and Javi, for making this trip a whole EXPERIENCE!

Of course next year must be repeated!

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