About me

Name: Alex Varela “Iguazzu“, 1980. Spain

Well… I began in this world of paintbrushes and paints 10 years ago. Rackham was my entry when I saw their miniatures  in a local store and after a LOTR box arrived to my hands . Since then I’ve paint too much miniatures and practically all the scales: 28mm, 54mm, 70mm, 90mm….

I’d took part in several contests and I’d won some awards, but best of all was to meet a lot of friends. Love this hobby… love this world

I hope to stand 10 years more…



2 responses

19 02 2011

Hi Alex ,
I want to ask your permission to post some pictures of your
models (figures) in my virtual magazine – TapirModels Review
The magazine is in romanian language and is free for download
here: http://www.tapirmodels.ro
I admire your wotk, your models is stunning!
Especially this http://www.coolminiornot.com/198032 , I liked very much.

All the best

19 02 2011

Hi Ovidiu, thanks for your words! Feel free yo use the images that you need. Cheers!

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