If you click in the Miniature’s name, you’ll see the image 🙂

AFM 2005 Silver Cho-Song
CMEAG 2005 Silver Heraldo de Menoth
AFM 2006 Silver General Elfo
Bronze Heraldo Menoth
León Rampante’06 Bronze Comisario Yarrick
Bronze Memento Mori
Golden Demon 2006 Gold Lonewolf
Silver Morg
Bronze Eowyn
CMEAG 2006 Gold Memento Mori
Gold Steel Legion
Bronze Lonewolf
Torrent 2007 Gold Steel Legion
Soldat de Plom 2007 Silver Femme Fatale
AFM 2008 Silver Zoltan Chivay
CMEAG 2008 Gold Lathiem
Silver Kingpin
Silver After the battle
CMEAG 2009 Gold Feria del Caos
Silver Currito
Silver Barbanegra
Torrent 2010 Silver Fälkar
Silver Alatriste (2)
WNT 2010 Silver Fälkar
TOLEDO 2010 Gold Capricornio
Golden Demon 2010 Silver Carnival of Chaos
Italian Golden 2010 Silver Old Glory

Silver The Last One
Golden Demon 2011 Oro The Rider

Oro Skaven Warlord

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