Smith Knight

27 11 2011

This is my third box art for Kabuki Models. In this time, from their Knights of Legend’s range. It’s a 40mm tall, inspired in the art work by Aurelio Lecis and sculpted by Jarek.

You can purchase this limited edition to 500 units HERE



10 10 2011
A few weeks ago, the italian manufacturer of miniatures, Kabuki Models, contacted me. They had seen my work online and they were interested in it. They asked me if I was interested to paint the box art of some of their news. And as I found an interesting project, I accepted.This is the first figure in this series of miniatures. It’s a cyborg girl, from their 21st Centuy Pin-upsrange.The figure is 35mm tall, and has been sculpted by Patrick Masson and designed by Aurelio Lecis. It comes in a high cuality resin and the sculpture is really awesome. Although pictures do not look it, is really small and thin.The color scheme was a request from Kabuki, which ask me to follow the Lecis’ desing, but forcing the old, rusted and ancient machine effect. But in my opinion gives to many other versions of color!

A very recommended miniature. Feel free to comment!

Skaven Warlord #2

18 09 2011

Cos’ I haven’t finished the Albanian chieftain yet and I need a breath, I decided to paint something else to clear my head. So I decided to paint the Special Edition’s Games Day miniature, the Skaven Warlord.

I love this little fluffies!!! Hahahaha!

You can find it in the “for sell” section.

The CMON link and the pictures! Feel free to ask or comment:

Tretch Craventail

2 09 2011

After the World Expo and what they thought the days before, needed to regain a bit of tone painting something fun and relax. Recently I’d discovered the Skavens that, like the SpaceWolves, are very interesting for me.

So I painted this rat to have a good time and trying to make a color scheme different than the usual we see in this line of figures.

You are free to comment on what you want, ask questions or criticize.

I leave the link CMON:

We also tell you that this figure goes to the section for sale. So if anyone is interested, contact me

The Bus stop

21 07 2011

Well! This is the last GD entry that I wanna show you. It’s a tribute to the Emuse’s Skullbus that was desqualified (injustly imo) in the last GD’10.

The miniature is from FW range and was lightly modified to make the bag and the t-shirt.

The CMON links: and

The Rider

16 07 2011

The Rider, the figure that won gold in the 40k category of vehicle, was an old project. Maybe it began in 2007, but was a half turn and half-forgotten in a drawer. It was a week before the GD I decided to try and bring to a successful finish.

The base of the figure is the bike of the Master of the Ravenwings. I tried to expose the motor everything I could. The rest was just adding small details of the Space Wolves or applications of putty. Find the pilot’s body and the suit was easier.

This figure is for sale.

The CMON link:

Skaven Warlord

11 07 2011

Today I bring you another entry of the GD 2011. In this case it’s the Skaven Warlord, who won gold in the Single Fantasy category.

This is an amazing transformation (although it’s more a sculpture almost complete) by Hugo GómezVindicare” who modeled it for the latest Italian GD edition in 2010, but for reasons of time I couldn’t paint it. So I went back this year.

It’s based on the codex’s cover of the Skaven army, design by Alex Boyd. And although the original idea was to use the same color scheme in the illustration, I abandoned this idea because the colors didn’t work as in the picture with more background elements than the single piece in 3D. So I chose a color scheme based on a magnificent work of Sebastian Archer “Automaton“.

And a little more to add. I leave photos of the modeling and painting. I hope you like!

And the CMON links: and

Sculpted by Hugo Gomez