In the work bench

13 12 2011

These days I’m working in a new box art from Kabuki Models and I’m having a déjà vu  feeling. This work reminds me to the Abyssal Warlord, with all this metal.

In other hand, I’d recieved a lot of questions about how I work the real metals; so I’m considering to make a video tutotial about it. I hope to get it finished until end of January.

And finally, the January 1st I’ll have a surprise to all of you that follow me from here, so please have your eyes wide!!

Ok, and now the pictures of the actual Uriel, still in porgress


Smith Knight

27 11 2011

This is my third box art for Kabuki Models. In this time, from their Knights of Legend’s range. It’s a 40mm tall, inspired in the art work by Aurelio Lecis and sculpted by Jarek.

You can purchase this limited edition to 500 units HERE