Abyssal Warlord and new tutorial

3 12 2011

A few days ago I finished my last figure. Abyssal Warlord,  from Scale 75. Although in reality are almost 84mm which measures this piece sculpted by Raul  G ª Latorre.

It’s one of those figures I need to paint from time to time. A piece that makes me away from it all and enjoy it 100%. In my opinion, is the most complete work I have done to date in all respects.

Furthermore, once again I had the invaluable help of Piqui to carry out the base, which has marked this great idea that has enveloped the figure.

Coming soon I’ll write an article about the painting process to be published in the Game Forces magazine. Meanwhile I leave you with the final photos and a new tutorial that you can find at the botton.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask, comment, criticize, etc.

The CMON link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/292913

On the other hand, I would like to share a new tutorial. Many people have asked of fulfilling those little water effects, so I consider interesting to write a small article explaining the question. You can find it in the tutorials page


The last one 2.0

23 06 2011

I’d finished the new Space Wolf. Really I’ finished a few weeks ago, but I was very busy working in my GD entries. Here’re the pictures and the CMON link if you want to vote or comment it: http://www.coolminiornot.com/280485

In other way, now I can tell you in what categories I’ll participate in the next Spanish Golden Demon: Large scale, WH fantasy single miniature, WH 40k single miniature (that entry will be very funny) and, If I’ve enough time, WH 40k vehicle, with and old proyect that I began 5 years ago.

Also, I bring you a new tutorial. This is a basic tutorial wich you can learn how to paint, simply and easy, a stone base. There’re many advanced tutorials in the net, but just a few basic tutorials. I think that this kind of tutorial are important cos’ many people can find them interesting. Beginers, or just gamers that want a nice army to play.

Basic Painting: A stone base

New tutorial

11 05 2011

Sorry for having so many days without posting, but last week has been difficult for many reasons.  And although I haven’t stopped painting,  I had little time to keep up to date on the blog. But I’m here again, so let’s what we want: the painted dolls!

First I wanna leave a new article… really is a “how I did”.  There isn’t a normal article, but an explanation of how I work with oils the La Hire’s face. There aren’t recipes or mistures, only a small trip to how and why. And I think that is particularly interesting as I worked the oils, cos’ althoug perhaps not as accurate as, if it can be a starting point to meet this wonderful stranger and lose that fear and ignorance that many have on this medium.

As always, in the TUTORIALS section.

On the other hand I bring you the latest pictures I took of the assasin miniature.  These pics are old and actually the miniature is finished without base. But I leave here as a curiosity.

New tutorial!!

5 08 2010

Hi friends! I’m glad to present my first english tutorial, at last!!

It’s from Raistlin Majere miniature, from Nocturna Models. I’ve to give thanks to the Game Forces Magazine’s staff, for send me the traslation of my text.

I hope you enjoy it!!