We moved!

2 01 2012

As I announced a few days ago, with the new year will come a nice surprise. Since today is officially launched my new study web site!

90% is operational because there are still some posts to translate into English, which temporarily unavailable. I must also restructure a few things. But in principle is already up and running! Still, if you observe any type of incident, incompatibility or problem, do not hesitate to tell me to fix it.

On the other hand, to warn you that if you are subscribed to this page will require you to turn to it in the new one, in order to remain to date with updates that I perform. I feel this discomfort, but is an unavoidable issue.

And finally, tell you that this site will no longer be updated, but all published material will be available for some months.

And without further ado, I leave you with the new website: www.iguazzu.com

I hope you enjoy it as much as this! And happy new year!

PD: Thanks to Migue from http://www.dragonesycastillos.com/ for all his help with this new proyect!


2011 stats resume

2 01 2012


The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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New proyect

18 12 2011

A few days ago I’d finished my fifth box art for Kabuki Models. And before start the new one, I’ve take some days with a new proyect. It’s the first time that I work in something similar and it’s very interesting and exciting for me. In some weeks I hope to share with you the complet work and my experience. But by the moment I just can show you this picture…

The music that inspires me today

14 12 2011

Today I woke up like every morning. I got to walk my dog, took my breakfast, I readed my mail, I checked the network … and the end of it and just before starting work, the only song that came to mind was this theme by Calle 13. Thisis the best thing that this  morning has inspired me …

I leave you to enjoy it 😉

[youtube http://youtu.be/2sVW-uPe5dw]

Monte San Savino Show 2011

15 11 2011

I’m back from San Savino, where I bring a good feeling for several reasons.

Over all my years in this hobby, I have attended many national and international competitions, so I’m in a position to compare with other. And I can say without any doubt that for me this event is currently the highest level in the relationship of quantity and quality of pieces offered. A level of difficulty, that frankly, I didn’t expect.

But start at the beginning.

The event takes place in Monte San Savino, a beautiful little town of Italy, who arrived by car from Rome, which is about two hours drive. Surprised to check not only the hospitality of the local people but as they turn to their own competition, to promote and be part of it. The exhibition hallsare located in a small house museum that preserves the medieval spirit of the town.

I don’t know the number of pieces submitted, but it was really high. With Italian and international artists. But the really amazing was the level that you could see is the display tables. Both historical and fantasy had unquestionable quality of work. And this level was seen in the awards ceremony, where great masters reached with effort a silver medal and the number of golden medals was really low. This, at least for me, another example of the great difficulty of the competition.

The Best of Show went to the hands of the Zapatero Guardini/Gustavo Gil’s tandem, and with which I totally agree. With a magnificent historical display that breaks with traditional Napoleonic scenes.

The shopping area had few stands and missed some brands, but it compensates by offering visitors interesting offers about  the regular prices, which is usually not normal … although it should.

Regarding the people, what can I say? Legio’s family once again turned to us to make us feel at home. Even more and more I feel a little part of them. Stefano, Max, Andrea, Luca, Fabio, Raffa …. you know who you are, so do not engage to all, but I want to thank you. And of course I can not forget the great man band, our Italian bro … Fra! I hope all you had the opportunity to be with this person at least once, to see what it’s to be great indeed!

And I can’t leave our new friends, Sebastian, Roman and Raffa. Great painters and better people (I hope to see you soon again and that you will continue to revolutionize this hobby world as you are doing so far)

And of course, my monkeys Piqui and Javi, for making this trip a whole EXPERIENCE!

Of course next year must be repeated!

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Road to San Savino

10 11 2011

It’s time for our last contest in the 2011!!

Arsies, Piqui and me will travel to Italy tomorrow to participate in the San Savino Show. It would be celebrate in the town with the same name. Three days to enjoy the landscapes, gastronomy and of course the fellowship. There’re waiting our friends from the Legio Pictorum and other spanish friends.

Also, Arsies and me will give a painting talk the Saturday at 15’00h. I hope that somebody’ll find it interesting!!

Anyway, you could read a review about the contest the next week!

Miniatures Review 3

29 10 2011

Name: Magneto. 70mm

Company: Knight Models. Marvel Universe line

Price: 50€

The figure comes in resin and metal, contrary to what is announced on the website of the brand. We assume that is a minor typo. Sculpted by Jerome Renaud (?) and with a size of 70mm.

The presentation of the case, as usual in Knight Models, is magnificent. In a small metal box embossed and whose bottom we can see the box art of the figure includes. Once inside, perfectly placed, find the small plastic exposition base and a character card that offers a small biography and Limited Edition number (# 210 in my box). And of course, the figure.




As I said earlier, the figure comes in resin (cloak, torso and leg) and metal. There are eight pieces, including the scenic terrain. Apart brings eight small pieces of metal to decorate the ground. As a curiosity should be noted the details of including two heads, one with and one without helmet.

The metal detail is quite good and can not be seen mold lines. Although in the helmet can see a small defect there would be repaired with putty.



Can not say the same of the resin, which has mold lines rather more obvious and in very difficultaccess areas for disposal. Even on a site I found a light step and some bubble. It also presents alook rough and dirty. Clean lines and debris from the robe will be a very tedious job.






Regarding the assembly, has some degree of difficulty due to the right arm of the figure, whichmust fit into two different parts simultaneously. Also, assembling the pre-shows we can see that would be necessary to repair some parts with putty once painted and mounted. Aside from that, the rest is fairly straightforward, although it seems recomended to separate torso and cloak to paint them.


in my opinion, a great miniature, but its casting isn’t enough good for the cuality that should be, at last in this case.

Rating quality/price: 8