In the work bench

13 12 2011

These days I’m working in a new box art from Kabuki Models and I’m having a déjà vu  feeling. This work reminds me to the Abyssal Warlord, with all this metal.

In other hand, I’d recieved a lot of questions about how I work the real metals; so I’m considering to make a video tutotial about it. I hope to get it finished until end of January.

And finally, the January 1st I’ll have a surprise to all of you that follow me from here, so please have your eyes wide!!

Ok, and now the pictures of the actual Uriel, still in porgress


Smith Knight WIP

1 11 2011

This weekend I’d started my new commission for Kabuki Models. This time is a piece from their range “Knights of Legend”, the Smith Knight.

The miniature is 32mm tall, sculpted by Jarek and designed by Aurelio Lecis.

As in previous works, I’d to follow a colour scheme, but in NMM in this time.

I used Deep Green and Black for the armour’s base. For higlights I add to the base Esmerald, Lime Green and Light Flesh. To make a deep shadows I used washes of Black ink.

This is the actual point of the miniature

WIP Albanian Chieftain

9 09 2011
These days I’m working on a miniature to my private collection. An Albanian Chieftain early 19th century. By Romeo Models’ brand and a size of 54mm.

With this figure expected to begin a large collection of oriental cut figures tinged with Arabs. It’s a subject that fascinates me and eventually I would have a good collection of them.

With this figure I’m enjoying, although the theme of the embroidery is something that even I find it hard to control. In particular the symmetry. But it is an inducement on which I have to work.

The part that I like are the sleeves, although it has a little glossy and not very well in photos. But I think I got a good velvety effect.

I leave also the base color I used for yellow, since it is a color that can be complicated at times, and could help to someone.

From the base I used Snakebite Leather and Japan Uniform. To which I add  Golden Brown at first, to keep you going for yellow. And for lights I just come up with Flat Yellow, Ice Yellow and Light Flesh. All this colours contains white so the yellow is desaturated in the lights, so to get a good contrast it’s important to try to saturate the midtone and shadows. To this end, add to the base Violet Red, in amounts increasing as I go considering. To the final shadows just  adding black to the mix and giving in certain folds to give the feeling of tension.

This is the work described in general terms. Then you have the hard work, outlines, midtones… But I think that explanation is fine to begin with, it already to go to practice.

I leave the photos as the work goes. As always, criticism, advice and opinions of all kinds are welcome!

From Switzerland

22 08 2011


Hello from this beauty and extremly expensive country!

At last the WE has been finished and as soon as i come back home I’ll post a full review.

But at the moment just to say that I’m very happy with my bronze in historical and my silver and gold in fantasy. And about this, I’ve to say that it couldn’t be possible without Piqui and Hugo’s work.

I leave you a picture of the WIP of one of my entries. And soon you can read a full review!

World Expo… WIP

31 07 2011

I have been several days without uploading news posts because I’m messed preparing the last two figures that will be part of my display for the World Expo in Switzerland. This doesn’t mean, as can imagine, that I’m bored!!.

So I can’t share anything new, at least I can leave you with a preview of what I have now on the operating table. I can say little except that I’m using acrylics and oils. I hope that byAugust 20th you can see these last two figures. Because, although I will be in Switzerland, I’ll scheduled to leave the blog entry.

Déjà Vu, wip1

5 06 2011

Strange title for this new entry, right? But I think that it’s the better one, why? Continue reading…

Between one GD miniatures and other, I new to finish some commissions. And that makes that time going out for me!! But, fortunately, I’ve finish one of my GD entries (I need to finish, one or two more) and that gives me a fresh breathe!!

And now I’m working in one commission before begin a new entrie. And this commission… sound familiar to you? Yes! The Last One, that won the silver Demon in Italy 2010… or may be this is his twin bro!! hahaha

Customer wants a clon from The Last One, but with a little chances like the stripes in the fists.

Armour was painted with French Mirage Blue as base. Highlights with Ice Yellow and Space Wolves Grey. For shadows just add Dark Sea Blue. And if anybody has questions, feel free to ask!!

The best is yet to come

15 05 2011

Starting from this Monday a few weeks rather intense for me. The work builds up and the time is coming to an end.

Soon arrived two upcoming events to wich I’ll attend along with the other monkeys: the Spanish Golden Demon in Madrid and the World Expo in Switzerland. Two trips are prepared and the list of miniatures closed. Some completed, others in progress and some yet to begin…

To this we must add that I’d to commissions pending. On the one hand, to Banelords’ miniatures in an amazing 28mm; and in the other hand we’ll see soon an old friend… I’ve recived a request to redo a Space Wolf like the one that I made for Italian Golden Demon!!

So, although few weeks will be tough, I think the best is yet to come!

And to warm things up a couple of little previews of a work I am preparing for the Golden, but more eye to have fun and do what pleases me out!